Squirrel Problems? We Can Help!

Squirrel problems? All caught in one night!

There are many reasons why wildlife pest control and squirrel removal is necessary, but here are just a couple.

1) Preventing the 25-50 percent of fires of unknown origins that are caused by animals chewing on electrical wires.

2) The diseases and parasites that certain animals carry, and is that can be transmitted to humans – often found in their excrement or remains.

We will work with you to find solutions to not only remove nuisance animals, but to also take corrective measures to ensure that they will not come back. We have an experienced team that is capable of doing exclusionary remediation should the need arise.

Call us at (610) 589-4091 or fill out our online contact form to protect your property and family from wildlife. We use only the most effective and efficient procedures available to get the job done!