Is Your Backyard Ready for Summer?

Whether you’re planning a BBQ for the entire neighborhood or just chilling by the fire pit with a few friends, you’ll want to be sure your lawn is healthy, looks its best and is safe for everyone.

We offer a range of services to get your lawn summer-ready including weed control, insect control, and some treatments that can even help your trees to grow stronger and healthier.

Worried about ticks? It’s another banner year for ticks in our area and if you’re concerned about kids and pets out playing in the grass, there are treatments available that can eliminate or significantly decrease the ticks (and fleas!) on your property.

Tick Pest Control

Stinging insects are also plentiful this season, so if you have a hornet’s nest under your eaves, please do NOT try to knock it down with a broom. Hornets can fly faster than you can run and their stings are very painful. Carpenter bees buzzing around your wooden deck? Yellow jackets in your yard? We can safely and completely remove them all.

Bees Pest Control

Now let’s talk about trees for a minute. We can treat for insect problems (especially the very
destructive Spotted Lantern Fly!) in your trees, of course, but we also can assess deficiencies in the soil that may be affecting your trees’ growth as well as help combat some common tree diseases. We also offer an eco-friendly solution for some treatments and fertilizations.

Here’s how our lawn and tree service works: we’ll come out to your property and do an
assessment; we’ll take a close look at your lawn and/or trees and determine what kinds of
issues, if any, are present, insect and otherwise. Then we’ll get to work on a plan to fit your backyard AND your budget. Your lawn can start showing improvements in the next month!

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (610) 589-4091 or click here to contact us!