Spring is Termite Season!

Who doesn’t love spring? The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the termites are swarming. Wait, what?

Spring is mating season for more than the birds and the bees, unfortunately, it’s when termite swarms can occur. Many homeowners never even see a termite, until they start seeing the damage, and unfortunately that’s too late. Want to learn what the signs of termite infestation are and how to keep termites out of your home? Read on!

You can identify a termite by the way they look: long cylindrical black bodies with two sets of wings; from the damage they cause, or the mud tubes they travel through near basement joists and floor boards. Termites eat the cellulose in wood and this includes paper (found on drywall), and many insulating products including foam. In fact, these other food sources are easier to access and digest than wood and can cause infestations to grow quickly. An infestation will be more likely to occur in your home if you have wood near the home that is in contact with the soil, or a water source of poor drainage.

Here are some tips to safeguard your home from these insects:
  • Termites, like carpenter ants, need water to survive. Keep water from pooling near your property with downspouts and other diversions.
  • Look for mud tubes around your foundation. These tubes are how the termites travel and how they’ll get into your home.
  • Keep firewood away from direct contact with your home.
    If you see what you think is a termite, don’t try to treat the problem yourself and don’t wait to see if they just go away! Termites can do extensive (and *expensive*) damage to your property (if you don’t believe us, look at this video!), so call an experienced pest control expert (like Siani!) and have the situation assessed.